Together with Ortner & Weihs and Neulicht Film we shot the campaign for Fridays for Future to raise awareness for the international climate strike on Sept. 23rd 2022. 

Huge thanks to everyone involved, especially to the great cast, who all did a great job standing in cold water for ages: Aneta & Julian, Valentina, Pati, Kenny, Liana, Lilo, Charly, Ana, Julia and Eva. Thank you Look Models and Das Deck for working with us! 

Thanks to Karla and Nora for the make-up, Laura, Liam and Elli for styling and a big shout out to the whole crew behind Neulicht Film! 

And big big thanks to my assistants Mala, Valentin and Milo - you guys rocked it! 

Thank you Mladen Penev for the amazing retouching and grading work!